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Enjoy Hiking In Cold Wet Weather

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities for anyone. Many of us must have felt so great heading down trails in forests or woods, make steep climbs over hills and mountains, cross streams and rivers. There is something about trekking outdoors which invigorates our senses. It could be hiking triggers an ancient memory from that time when man was always ...

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Your All-Season Hiking Checklist

Kid Hiking Backpack

Throughout the year, you should go over your hiking gear and see if you have to add or take away several items. Even the most experienced among seasoned hikers forget a few basic essentials, so in order to refresh your mind, this article provides a hiking checklist of necessities that will make hiking a breeze. Basic Hiking Gear Checklist Listed ...

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Helpful Reminders When Hiking During Hot Weather

Hiking to the mountain top

Summer is probably the best time of the year for outdoor fun. With the hot weather and sun up blasting the endless blue sky, summer is when the weather bureau predicts everything to be fair and clear for almost three months. It is definitely the best time of the year to get out and have fun. Time to get out ...

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Backpacking Hiking Stoves Buying Guide

Solo Stove with Backup Alcohol Burner - No gas containers needed

Cooking for the others need practical equipment. Hikers go on long treks before setting up camp so they require portable equipment that won’t feel cumbersome on their journeys. Carrying proper cooking hiking stoves meant for backcountry use goes a long way with regard to cooking healthful, satisfying meals while staying outdoors. Portable hiking stoves are beneficial for a range of ...

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Spectacular Waterfall Hikes in the United States

Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls with boat viewing

Any person who has come to witness the grandness of waterfalls will surely say that all the efforts and sweat are all worth it and if you were in search of spectacular waterfalls you’d likely exert more. Don’t fret about the long hours of hike because at the end of a hike’s event is a cool refuge and a beautiful ...

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Washing Instructions for Sleeping Bags

Special synthetic wool down detergent tech wash

The sleeping bag is a must-have for any serious camper. It can make your camping trip a breeze or ruin every night’s sleep. Thus, proper care must be given in order to maintain your ‘bag’s appearance. Cleaning your sleeping bag can be a chore, but absolute maintenance must be sustained in order to make the item last longer. Buying a ...

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Hiking with Kids

Norway Jotunheimen hiking with kids

You are a hiking enthusiast, and now that you have kids, does this mean that your trekking days are way over? This kind of thinking is amiss, though because you, as a father or a mom, can still take plenty of family-oriented hikes with your kids. Hiking with kids does take some other preparations compared to planning your own hiking. ...

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Washing Instructions for Water Proof Jackets

NIKWAX Tech Wash TX Direct Weatherproofing

After several uses, grime and residue can accumulate on the surface of your waterproof jacket. These factors can affect the clothing’s waterproof properties and its overall quality. To guarantee the garment’s long life, proper maintenance should be advocated and practiced. A waterproof jacket should be cleaned with an appropriate cleanser, one that is specifically designed for cleaning waterproof material. It ...

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Best hiking trails in South Africa

View from the top of Table Mountain

South Africa has plenty of beautiful, tempting trails which pulls in avid hikers from all over the world, it was considered as one of the globe’s premier hiking destinations. It has over thousands of registered routes which backpackers can decide on. The SANParks or South African National Parks board is in charge of managing a great number of the best hiking ...

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Best Winter Hiking Pants For Women 2018

Hiking pants for women are as important as men’s hiking pants. Therefore, hiking pants for women are constructed differently, as women’s skins are bit sensitive than the men’s skin. And for winter hiking, a woman must not take any chance by not getting a perfect winter hiking pant. Before we get to the main point we all must grasp winter ...

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