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Backpacking in Alaska

Backpacking into the remote, mountainous areas of Alaska for several days with everything you need in your pack can be the most rewarding and most challenging part of an exposure trip. With stunning scenery far from roads and the crowds of people in buses and RVs, packing in is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the “real” Alaska. Wake up to a spectacular view enjoyed over a steaming cup of coffee. Look for wildlife out in their neighborhood. Cross glaciers and rivers. Climb mountains.

There is no better place to go hiking or backpacking than Alaska. With scenic panoramic vistas practically everywhere you look, pristine wilderness solitude, access to abundant wildlife and natural resources and attractions at every turn, Alaska is truly a hiker’s paradise. Photographers will love frequent opportunities to grab shots of Alaska’s craggy mountain peaks, caving glaciers, cascading rivers, and Alaska birds, marine life and wildlife enjoying their unspoiled habitats.

Before going on hiking, you must make sure about your backpacking gears which are most important. Now a day, solar powered backpack is a new addition in this chart. This gear has become an important backpack for modern hikers as it is so useful. You can use it for charging mobile, camera, light bulbs and easy carrying for light weight. Here are few examples of some very good solar powered backpacks.

  • Eclipse Solar Backpack
  • Aviditi SHMC003 Solar Charging Backpack
  • Voltaic Systems 1022 Array Solar Laptop Charger Backpack
  • SolarGoPack solar powered backpack
  • Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight and Lantern

These solar backpacks are user recommended and will help you so much if you really want them.

Alaska camping guides will help you plan an Alaska backpacking trip or take a hiking day trip to add on to your visit. But if you really want to go, you have to hook up for some information’s which are needed in there. You should select your trail first and then do whatever you want to do. You have to choose your trail first. The popular trails of Alaska are as follows:

  • Root Glacier Overnight
  • Donohue Peak Wilderness
  • Upper Chit Stone Goat Trail
  • Seven Pass Route
  • Historic Goat Trail of Chit Stone Canyon
  • Gates of Arctic

Backpacking in AlaskaYou need some information’s and tips which will help your for backpacking Alaska. Some of the tips are given below.

  1. Spring might not be the best time to go backpacking in Alaska. It’s a little bit of a crapshoot. You can have nice weather, blue sky on one day and snow shower on the next. Another reason not to in spring is the chance that the area beyond Eielson overlook is still closed due to snow. One benefit of going spring is not to see any soul after getting in main road.
  2. You should keep in mind that things look always smaller in the distance. Something about the landscape really distorts the sense of perspective out there. So you should not slow down your move while walking through hill slop. You should make your step gently as up close they turned into screed covered, ankle twisting, very steep hills.
  3. You should walk by the bank of the river. You can easily be lost in there. So it is better to walk by the river and not to get in the water as freezing cold in there. And you should remember to pick an extra pair of socks in case one pair gets wet.
  4. The trails of the Alaska are big enough. So you be prepared for long time hiking and make yourself adjustable in that weather. If you are really planning for hiking, I would suggest you a week and taking enough gears including solar powered backpack.
  5. You must not forget to take enough water purifier. You must keep a map and GPS to allocate your current position. By solar backpack, you can charge your GPS and mobile which will never allow you to be lost.

These are the main things that you should follow while backpacking in Alaska. Do not forget to take a solar power backpack to make your trip successful.

Take care and enjoy.

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