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Best Hiking trails in North America

Are you planning for a hiking day out in North America? I must say, it’s a bit confusing work as there are so many exciting hiking places in North America which offers magnificent scenery with so much fun and enjoyment. Hiking is one of the best ways for an excursion. This is the only efficient way to savor the ultimate beauty of Mother Nature along with a great deal of health benefits.

In North America, you will find waterfalls, Granite Mountains, giant redwoods, vistas, lake surrounded by forests where you can feel you each and every breath with full of life. You can feel yourself as a part of the nature. The beauty will allow you to visit her again and again. So that, North America is so popular for its beautiful hiking destinations. If you are up for it, go to the following text where I’ve enlisted the best hiking trails in North America. Let’s check out the following information’s.

Pacific Coast Trail

Pacific Coast Trail : Commons.Wikimedia

Pacific Coast Trail

The large span of the Western United States is the most special place on this hiking trail. It is known as the Pacific Crest Trail also. This amazing place is about 4,264 kilometers long where you can enjoy hiking through three states. This whole place is filled with 1,000 of lakes, 24 beautiful national forests and 7 national parks. There are also 60 mountain passes and 24 canyon.

What is not in there? You can enjoy all the natural beauties except the ocean. If you are a weekend adventurer, then this trail is just perfect for you. You can explore all the places you want. You can enjoy the moon by the lake laying down onto surface, feel the calm and quietness of the forest, and explore the mountains and so on.

Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail : Flickr Commons

Appalachian Trail

A few minutes ago I’ve described the hiking trails of the western side of the United States of America and now I am pointing to the eastern side where the Appalachian Trail is located.  This trail offers more amazing spots than the Pacific Coast Trail. This trail is about 3,505 kilometers long which is also the longest marked hiking destination in North America.

There are eight national forests and six parks in this hiking trail. If you are thinking about any guides, do not as 6,000 volunteers are there to assist you at the time of your hiking. If you want to choose it as your next hiking place, make a plane and pack according to the atmosphere of this place. You can go through some websites also for making better plan and acquiring some important tips about this trail.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park : Flickr Commons

Grand Canyon National Park

If you ask me about the most beautiful and fascinating trail in North America, I would say Grand Canyon National Park as my first opinion. The amazing Grand Canyon is known as the jewel of the national park. To explore the awesome sights of Mother Nature, about five million people visit each year as their favorite hiking destination.

You won’t find such color, breeze and vistas anywhere like the Grand Canyon. I am sure that you are quite interested to make your next hiking trip in Grand Canyon. But you should gather some knowledge about this place before stepping out. There you have to face terrain mountain path and know some rules of hiking. You have to be punctual in this place to make your trip successful. Take a lot of drinking water if you are hiking in summer season. If you want to spend a night in there, you have to take permission from the authority. Seek information’s about Grand Canyon to some fellow hikers of the Grand Canyon, which can be effective too.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Flickr Commons

Yosemite National Park

You will find most of the national Parks in United States of America are beautifully gorgeous. But California’s Yosemite National Park offers more than that, which can be keyed out as most striking aspects of nature. This whole park occupies about 747,956 acres and it is quite large. More than 3.5 million people travel this park every year and this place is another most popular hiking destination after the Grand Canyon.

You have to seek for permit if you would like to spend a night in this amazing place. If you want to explore by walking, do not be so choosy as you will surely enjoy the each and every place of this trails wherever you will go. You can plan your hike by some proper searching and gathering knowledge about this place. Lakes, dense forests, glacier formed mountains, revers, wildlife and so many spectacular natural elements to enjoy the whole ride.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park: Flickr Commons

Denali National Park

Denali National Park in Alaska is sort of different from the trials I have explained before. This hiking trail is for those who want some variations in their hiking period. This place is full of rough and tough surface. Denali national park is filled with dangerous terrain, uneven paths, and streams unlike the other national parks. You need to have a lot of energy to complete your hike in this trail. Denali offers full of adventure and you may face some dangerous wildlife also while hiking.

You have to be ready for all types of situation whether it is good or bad. If you are a weekend hiker of a novice, do not apply this without proper investigation, knowledge and experience. You have to be very much patience in this hiking trail. This hiking trail is applied by those people who have visited here before and earned a lot of experience of hiking.

Glacier National Park. Best Hiking trails in North America

Glacier National Park : Commons Wikimedia

Glacier National Park

If you search for a true hiking destination, especially with a family, I will prefer Glacier national park. This trail is truly the paradise for the hikers. Most of hikers here come to enjoy the moment with their loving people. This is one of the most popular hiking destination and hikers cannot stop for a moment whenever they step into this trail.

You will definitely love to hike in there. Colorful wildlife, isolated alpine, mountain peaks are the impressive qualities of this hiking trail for which this place so popular among weekend hikers. It will be better if you make a pre-plan for this trail and you would need permission from Backcountry if you want to spend a night in there. But do not be panic. This is an easy trail and you do not have to plan like Grand Canyon or Denali. Just be careful about snow in the late July as the snow melts at this time.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park: Commons.wikimedia

Zion National Park

If you desire to attempt a hike into the canyons along with amazing cliffs in the desert, think about Zion national park to utilize. This park is located in Utah where you can relish a full day hike with comfortable conditions. In that respect you can hike in both on the tip of the cliff or into the canyons as so much to discover. Make a plan, take permission if you want to spend overnight and step out for a healthy hike in Zion national park. Dramatic views of excellent vistas have made this trail one of the most popular among the nature lover and regular hiker.

These are most popular hiking destinations in North America. Hope you have earned some knowledge by going through this article. Always make a plan before hiking and take proper hiking gears before going out. Share your knowledge and ask without any hesitation as sharing is caring. Enjoy your hike.

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