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Best Spring Hikes in the US

It is said that the spring season represents regeneration and revitalization. The dismal environment of winter is left behind. Snow dissolves and the rocks reform. The animals who vanished into hibernation finally come out. Flowers and plants become radiant once more.

Families reorganize their household and do spring cleaning. Individuals renew their energy for adventure and physical activities. One such good pursuit is trudging along mountain courses, reveling in wonderful greenery and stopping by streams. In this endeavor, there is an extensive list of places where one could attempt at hiking.

Most hikers haven’t touched their hiking boots, backpack, gadgets or any other essential gear, so please check everything carefully and maintain your gear well before the start of the spring hiking season!

In no particular order, this article provides you with a record of the finest hiking trails in the US. The hiking spots are itemized according to the categories of mountain wanderers and adventurers. The various categories include serious trekking, family hiking, and novice hiking.

Family Hiking

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park (borders the states of North Carolina and Tennessee)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Leaf Colors Newfound GapFirst on our list is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. It is indeed a great spot for a variety of activities partnered with trekking. This place caters to different types of adventurers such as campers, hikers, backpackers, plain wanderers.

This park is open all year long but certain paths and facilities are not available during the winter time and during bad weather conditions. Access to the park is absolutely free, however, overnight camping and picnic gazebos come with a price.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Border North Carolina TennesseeThere are quite a number of things to do in this lovely area which include nature photography, horseback riding, fishing, flora and fauna viewing, and auto touring.

Sight-seeing of historical architectures such as churches, schools, barns, mills, and log cabins. These structures could be visited either by bicycle or by foot. What’s interesting about this park is that they provide educational programs that instill environmental awareness among the youth.

  • Maroon Lake Scenic Trail (Aspen, Colorado)

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail - reflections in lakeIf you’re planning to bring the whole family, for a tranquil trekking exercise, an apt selection would be the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail in Colorado. This second hiking trail on our list suits laid-back sightseers.

Older people would surely appreciate the gentle streams and the simple terrain path. Children would love the short hike and maroon bells. The scenic landscape of water cascades, rocks, conifer trees, tundra, and valley is a perfect backdrop for a memorable family picture.

There is an obligatory fee of $10 to enjoy this recreational area and entrance is restricted during the summer.

For active hikers, there are four known trails in this place: the Maroon Lake Trail, the Maroon Creek Trail, the Scenic Loop Trail, and the Crater Lake Trail.

  • Boulder River Hike (Arlington, Washington)

Boulder River Waterfall Arlington WashingtonWhat’s so exceptional about this next trail on our list is that it is classified as a waterfall hike. Amidst the trailhead, you will meet three sets of beautiful waterfalls: the Pre-show Falls, Feature Show Falls, and the Meditation Falls.

The Boulder River Hike in Washington is apt for families with children as well as first-timers in hiking. Although there are rocky and muddy parts along the way, the terrains do not require any level of hiking skills. Everyone can just enjoy and tread on.

In the pleasant trailhead, adventurers would get the chance to behold lovely cedars, spruce, goats, rocks, river, knolls, and waterfalls. At the end of the 3 mile-trek, hikers can dine together in a picnic spot.

There is no entrance fee to this place and hikers can park their vehicles for free. It is available for trudging all year long.

Serious Trekking

  • Angels Landing (Zion National Park, Utah)

Angels Landing Zion National Park UtahAngels must have really labeled this park as their landing because of its daunting mould and exhilarating stature. An addition to our list is the Angel’s Landing in the Zion National Park. This site in Utah is not for the weak-willed and apprehensive day-trippers.

It has extreme areas that require strong leg stamina. To those who wish to delight in the majestic view of Zion Canyon, this climb is definitely worthy of the effort.

Despite fact that it is quite a dangerous trek, people can still enjoy the experience of trailing the nearby forest, desert and sand dunes with the use of ATV and jeep.

Entrance to the Zion National Park entails a fee of $15 per person. This place is open year-round but hiking could be best done in the months between March and November.

  • Franconia Ridge Traverse (New Hampshire)

Franconia Ridge Traverse New HampshireFifth on our list is the Franconia Ridge Traverse in New Hampshire which is known to be an outstanding location for a hike. It gives an adventurer two options to traverse: from north to south and vice versa.

The North to South direction starts from Mt. Lafayette to Mt. Flume and it paves the way for 3 hiking routes. A trekker can climb the paths of Old Bridle, Greenleaf, and Garfield Ridge.

The South to North track starts from Mt. Flume to Mt. Lafayette and it offers 3 passages. One could follow the trails of Osseo, Liberty Spring, and Flume Slide.

Novice Climbing

  • Lady Bird Johnson Grove (Orick, California)

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Orick California RhododendronCalifornia is the sixth on our list and has its pride in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove in the Redwood National Park. This particular grove has an interesting story behind its naming. It was named after Lady Bird Johnson, a supporter of environmental issues and a nature enthusiast.

If you crave to embrace serenity and to reflect about life while hiking, this grove will help you achieve those targets. Amidst the trailhead, sightseers will feel the enormity of the giant trees and will find that relaxed affection for the wilderness.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove Orick California Redwood National Park deerThis shadowy path is considered a loop trail which means every stop is unique and hikers won’t be in the same exact spot again along the trek. It is quite an easy hike for a distance of 1.4 miles.

Entrance to this majestic place is equivalent to taking a brochure guide for a dollar.

It’s time for you to spring back on your spring hikes. One thing is for sure – each adventure is going to be beautiful with new life coming out of winter.

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