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The Best Trails in San Francisco Bay Area

The Best trails in San Francisco Bay Area

You can find there are very few areas in the US have as many unbelievable hiking trails as the San Francisco Bay Area. Starts from coastal hikes to waterfalls, poison oak mountain lions, leisurely strolls, long treks, adventurous trails, giant redwood trees all are awesome. Here are some of the nice and favorite bay areas of San Francisco which are best for hiking, backward trails.

Steep Ravine via Matt Davis Trail at Mt Tamalpais State Park

Over 200 miles of trails are accessible in the Mt Tamaulipas State Park .It is located just north of the city near Mill Valley. Here trail has everything a hiker could want, counting such as: redwoods, a variety of local flora and fauna, water flow from Webb Creek, and panoramic views of the ocean and bay. I can suggest to spend a whole day on this trip by visiting the local area near Mill Valley, which has great diners and shops also.

Tips: The trail gets a little bit crowded, so you should start a little early. Just check the weather before starting on the hike as coastal fog can greatly reduce visibility.

Ring Mountain in the Phyllis Elman Loop

Ring Mountain is situated on public land and is the part of the Phyllis Elman Loop. The trail, that is located off of Paradise Drive in Tiburon, is full of old oak trees and fantastic views of the bay boulders. This is also an excellent getaway for anyone looking to spend a whole day and hiking within a good distance from the city. But in autumn, the Toyon and poison oak are very beautiful – but stay away if allergy problem.

Tamales Point at Point Reyes National Seashore

This long and narrow windswept peninsula of the Point Reyes National Seashore has one trail. This is wonderful for trailing and gives opportunity to watch seabirds, the ragged coastline, and herds of Tule elk. Right, Tule elk! Every autumn the bulls get out on the rolling coastline at Tamales Point and they battle it out to for the females. So autumn is the best time to go there.

Tips: Weather is always randomly changes. So be prepared and check the weather forecast for Point Reyes Station. This is the far from the city so planning required as per.

Quarry Trail and Big Springs Trail in Tilden Regional Park

This is located outside of the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley. The university adjacent Tilden Regional Park gives great views of the Bay towards San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Winter and autumn are less foggy and are more likely to give clear views. This beautiful trail really gets you away from the business of the city by stepping over a hill and into the woods. The peaceful vistas and trees can calm any nerve.

North Peak at Mount Diablo State Park

North Peak is for those whose hate the crowds that swamp its sister peak Mount Diablo. It has a five-mile hike gains over 3,000 feet in height. But remember the benefits and rewards both   more important than any complexity hikers may have on the trail. The wildlife on this trail are excellent. Tarantulas frequently walk the trail in pilgrimage for a mate!

Tips: The hike is very exhausting and covers some tricky land so pack plenty of water and food for energy.

Pacific to Redwoods Loop at Wilder Ranch State Park

It is located less than two hours away from the city Wilder Ranch State Park. The park not so far away from Santa Cruz and has some of the most amazing diversity of any park along the central coast of California. But the Pacific to Redwoods loop is a difficult hike and provides hikers the rare opportunity to experience the rugged coastline also famous for its beautiful redwood.

Lastly, I will say you can find others many trails also in San Francisco, but I have given some nice, popular and bay areas for your reviewing and you should not miss that. So why you will not add that bay areas in your next adventure??

Take care.

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