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Great Tips For Hiking Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain, a very popular and well known hiking destination and recreational place for rock climbing, is a mountain in Phoenix in Unit States state Arizona.

The origin or its name came from its shape which is like the kneeling camel showing its head and hump. This is place of beauty which inspires the people to go there for hiking and enjoying the leisure. This amazing hiking trail allows the visitors to hike in a short time but enjoy the most of the nature.

Its weather is normal that is comfortable for the visitors. For those reason, Camelback Mountain has become a popular destination for many people’s desired hike. Here are some specified information about the Camelback Mountain and summary of the nature.

Camelback Mountain Handstand

Camelback Mountain Handstand From: Flickr

Camelback Mountain Facts:

  • Length of hiking trail: Its about 2.2 miles longs hiking trail.
  • Duration: Camelback Mountain hiking trail may take 2 to 4 hours to complete the whole hike successfully.
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Environmental status: Hiking situation and environmental status of the trail is family friendly.

Overview of the trail: Camelback Mountain

Typical landscape and prevalent natural resources offer to climb up Camelback Mountain easily. This mountain needs to climb up 2,680ft which summit other various challenges to the hikers.

In the hiking guide, you can gain proper knowledge about them. Echo Canyon slope is about 1400ft and it is a famous root to the western side of the mountain which is just more than a mile.

Very quickly, hikers become tired and their legs start paining for continuous strengtheners climbing along the slop of the Mountain. People get good hiking experience in there and enjoy the different types of the nature.

On the east side of the Camelback Mountain, the Cholla trail goes up to the estimated hiking trail. This is about 1.3 miles route and very rocky to climb. It is difficult but not impossible. If you have enough time, you can come here with your family and child as this is perfect for family hiking. This trail is approximately 1300ft high from the sea level.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain From: Wikipedia

Cameback Mountain Hiking Tips 

  • This is a difficult hiking trail. This may take longer time than the hikers estimated as the summit of the Camelback Mountain is a mountain slope. So do not forget to bring enough safe and pure water. Water will electrolyte the hikers and gives them some more energy to get back home.
  • Carrying sufficient pure drinking water is the most needed recommended tips for this hiking.
  • In this hiking trail, Cholla trail is often mentioned as difficult trail to climb up. So start hiking with proper preparation and solid care for both you and your family. Do not do anything fishy that can cause any hamper to you or your family. Be careful all the time.
  • In this hiking trail, parking is prohibited in both trail head. So car need to be at home and you have to start your hike by foot
  • Do not forget to take enough hiking accessories and hiking gears before going on that trail.


This is all about Camelback Mountain hiking trail. Hope the viewers will enjoy it and apply their hiking according to the rules and tips which are valuable.

Take care.

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