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Helpful Reminders When Hiking During Hot Weather

Summer is probably the best time of the year for outdoor fun. With the hot weather and sun up blasting the endless blue sky, summer is when the weather bureau predicts everything to be fair and clear for almost three months. It is definitely the best time of the year to get out and have fun.

Time to get out of the city and hit the countryside, explore new grounds or go back to some of your favorite childhood spots. Probably the best way to do this – go hiking!

Going Out on a Hike in Hot Weather

Hanging Rock State ParkHiking during summer, when it’s hot, now that’s a great idea for an outdoor activity. Just mentioned earlier, wouldn’t it be fun to go out and discover parts of the countryside you haven’t ventured into yet? Explore the great hiking trails nearby you or travel a bit further and camp overnight.

Of course, it will be nice to trek back to where you once spent your younger years like a fishing spot or a well-shaded glen that is a couple of hours walk from your grandparent’s house. But why limit yourself to these when there are other great places to hike during summer?

Hiking during summer can be so much fun as it can produce some of life’s most memorable moments. What could be more spectacular, a perfect photo finish, produce instantly a thousand likes than a picture of you hiking jovially be it sunrise, high noon or sunset?

A quick Google search will show you majestic summer photos of people while on the hiking trail. Whether it is you carrying a full-on backpack or jogging cross country on a slightly fast pace, doing this during hot, sunny weather is an excellent activity.

Three Things to Look Out for During Hot Weather

But before you start filling up your daypack or backpack, grab your survival gear, strap on your hiking boots, you need to understand several things first. Hiking in hot weather has its perils. Hiking when the weather is hot can make you vulnerable to:

  1. Severe dehydration

Your water can only take you so far. You will be drinking more frequently when hiking while it’s hot and before you know it you’ve consumed your water. Severe loss of water of our bodies can get us dehydrated and may lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Dehydration is one of the most immediate treats that can occur while hiking in hot weather. Make sure you bring enough water with you in a drinking bottle and refill as often as you can during your hiking.

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  1. Sun burn and skin cancer

One of the reasons for climate change is the destruction of the ozone layer which allowed solar radiation to hit the Earth directly. As a result, the unhampered sun rays make everything hotter than usual. People who are outside, such as those who are hiking, might suffer severe sunburn and can even develop skin cancer.

This is not something you see directly but when you’re hiking in the mountains you can get sun burned very quickly. Skin cancer is a result of getting sun burned so don’t be stupid but use sun protection cream!

Make sure you use the high protection factor sun cream. Especially on sunny days and when you’re hiking in the mountains. You’re closer to the sun and therefore more likely to get sun burned faster.

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  1. Proliferation of insect pests

Some of you might have noticed that insect pests like mosquitoes and chiggers seem to be more around these days, especially during summer. The hotter climate allowed these little critters to thrive easier and spread everywhere. Rashes and hives are the least of your hiking problems as these pests also bring diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

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Points to Remember When Hiking in Hot Weather

However, as the saying goes – when there’s a will there’s a way. Even with the perils and hazards that were mentioned, you need not fear them while hiking. You can overcome these obstacles, you can conquer and survive those hiking trails, and you will get that summer photo finish to the amazement and envy of everyone.

You just need to keep in mind some reminders when you go and trek to the outdoors while the great ball of fire that is our sun is up high in the sky. Here are some tips we can give to you when you go hiking when it’s hot:

  • Beautiful sunrise in the mountainsStart early in the day

Now here is a good tip to start with. Most people who will go hiking have a general idea how long the trip will last, how many hours you need to travel on foot, or at what point you may need to have other means of transportation. Since you know how long the hike will be, you can choose to leave early when temperatures are still quite low. That way, you will probably have gone halfway by the time things start getting too hot.

  • Keep yourself covered and protected

Proper attire is another important thing to consider during summer hiking. While it feels nice to dress light, you should protect some parts of your body and shield it from the powerful rays of the sun.

The face should be always be protected. If it gets too hot, bring up the hood if you have one or snap on a baseball cap or hat. A nice pair of sunglasses is very much recommended as it will ensure your eyes are protected from extreme light, heat, and also keep of dust and tiny pebbles that might go through your eyes. You might also want to cover parts of your arms as these are the ones that usually get sunburned.

  • Hiking to the mountain topStay hydrated all the time

When hiking during summer, your water bottle might very well be your best friend all throughout your journey. The only way to combat heat is to cool yourself down. Stay hydrated on fluids as you trek through the day. Make sure that during every break you drink some water.

Water is great but you might also want to try other cooling fluids like energy drinks, those that carry with them electrolytes. Did you know you can make your own electrolytes at home? And if you need to refill your bottle, bring along chlorine tablets to purify the water before drinking it.

  • Be in proper shape for hiking

Hiking might seem easy as all you do is walk, but it can be difficult and near-fatal if you simply hit the trail carelessly. Thus, it would be a good idea to prepare yourself physically before you go out and hit the outdoor trails.

Hiking is a physical activity, it would be wise to limber and stretch first just like when you join a fun run or a marathon.

The weather should be an element to consider when you are planning a hike. Hiking in hot weather certainly comes with its risks, but with appropriate preparation and careful planning, your day out in the sun will turn out to be a fun and unforgettable experience!

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