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How to Choose Best Hiking Boots ?

How to choose best hiking boots


Planning for an adventurous hiking in Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park? You must purchase best quality hiking boots to make your trip successful, safe and enjoyable. Choosing the best hiking boots would be the most important step you would take for your next hike.

If you are a beginner, you must know about the types of hiking boots, its cut and construction, boot’s material, fittings and so on. If you can choose the perfect pair, it will provide the ultimate comfort along all the way of your hike. Comfort is the main key to search in the hiking boots. Keep in mind, hiking boots will ensure safety while walking or running on any terrain mountain path. In this article, I will give a brief description about choosing the right hiking boots and you will find all the information’s you need before stepping out for buying. Let’s go through this text and learn the best way to choose best hiking boots.

Types of hiking boots

Light hiking boots

Light hiking boots are generally low cut and flexible to wear. These type of shoes are best for day hikers who love to run. If you are an ultra-light hiker and thinking about long distance trip, this boot is the best option for you. Basically, light hiking boot is popular to the day hikers for their flexible and comfortable use.

Hiking boots

This type of boots are basically mid or high cut models, which are suitable for weekend hikers with light backpack. These boots are quite flexible and need a little break in time. But you will not find such durability and support like heavy backpacking boots. For the hiking trip inn Grand Canyon or Zion National Park, hiking boots are mostly used.

Backpacking boots

These boots are for the hikers who like to experience the roughness of weather along with tough and muddy surface. These boots are highly constructed to ensure proper safety of feet. If you are thinking for 2-3 days hike on Denali national park, these boots will be the best companion for you.

How to choose best hiking boots


Mountaineering boots

If you want to carry a heavy backpack in your hiking destination, these type of boots will assist you mostly. Mountaineering hiking boots are constructed with stiff midsole. These boots are durable, tough, comfortable and supportive to use.

Cut of the boots

Low-cut boots

Low cut hiking boots are manufactured for general use like traveling. But if you want to go for a small day hike, low-cut hiking boots can play the supportive role in there. Though these boot are less durable and cannot provide great safety to the ankle, but they are suitable for easy hiking trails with lighter backpack.

Mid-cut boots

Mid-cut hiking boots will be a smart choice if you are for a short trips like 2 or 3 days with medium load. They provide better cushioning around your ankles joint which is just perfect for ankle safety.

High-cut boots

Hard and rough trails like Denali National Park, Grand Canyon require heavy boots and high-cut boots are perfect for this type of terrain. These type of hiking boots are made to provide enhanced balance with super ankle support. For the long distance trip with heavy load behind your back, high-cut hiking boots are best option in the way to choose the best hiking boots.

Boot material and construction

Materials of a hiking boot effects on its durability, weight, breathability and water resistance. A pair of best quality hiking boot has to be perfect in all those aspects. Let’s look at the various types of hiking boot materials.

Full-gain leather

Full grain leather provides excellent water resistance quality with ultra-durability and abrasion resistance. This ingredient is used vastly in the hiking boots for a long tips. If you are going to face rough, muddy and hard surface with rugged terrain, full grain leather will be the best choice for you. This element is not as light or breathable as nylon or split grain leather.

Split-grain leather

Split grain leather offers lightweight, breathable and comfortable experience. The boots with split grain leather upper provide rough interior but good looking and smooth exterior. Few hiking boots with split-grain leather have water resistance quality.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is the perfect alternate of full-grain leather as these are relatively cheaper than full grain leather. Nubuck leather offers the same durability and water resistance like full grain. These boots are nice and flexible but you should adjust with these hiking boots before going on a hiking.


Synthetic, which are also known as nylon or polyester or synthetic leather, is the mostly used elements in new generation hiking boots. Nylon is lighter than full grain or nubuck leather. Nylon upper hiking boots take the shortest time to break in and dry quickly. You can enjoy all those better quality with very low cost. If you have a limited budget, synthetic would be great for you.

Waterproof linings

Water resistance is one of the main key features that most of the hikers look for. If your hiking boot is waterproof, then you can keep stepping on without any hesitation in the trip. You can keep your feet dry in the wet condition. A pair of best hiking boot must contain waterproof linings.


Now let’s focus on the outsole of hiking boots.  Rubber is used for making all kinds of outsole of hiking boots. The well-known brand for rubber outsole is the Vibram Outsole. Rubber sole can be different in terms of boots quality. If can be soft or hard. Hard rubber sole provides greater durability, they are not so comfortable. Comfortable and durable outsole is another attractive quality of best hiking boots.

Fittings, the most important factor

From the very beginning of this text, I have described about the various kinds of hiking boots, material and construction. Now let’s make a concern on fittings of the hiking boots. While shopping hiking boots, you should be aware of how a boot fits. That’s why you need to know about length, width and volume of boots. Let’s find out what these topics mean.


You toes have to wiggle frequently inside the hiking boot. If you are an owner of hammertoes or sensitive about toe like neuroma, put special considerations for choosing a pair of best hiking boots with the perfect depth of length according to your foot.


Your feet should neither slip and slide inside your hiking boot nor feel congested. The width of the feet has be perfect.


Your bulk needs to be fit perfectly inside your footwear. Actually, this is the most critical part while choosing best hiking boots with perfect volume. If you can buy the perfect boot with proper volume, you will enjoy the each step of walking.

Perfect time

If you are going to make a trip on summer season, you should go for the lightweight version. Waterproofness is not necessary on summer season. If your hiking trip is in the rainy or winter season, heavy weight hiking boots are perfect with water proof quality.

Price of hiking boots

Price of hiking boots vary from its types, construction and material. Lightweight hiking boots are little bit cheaper than the heavy boots. You must buy your hiking boots according to your hiking trails. If you ask about the pricing idea, you can find a pair of best hiking boots within $500-$600.

I hope you would be able to find the perfect hiking boot for your next trip. Stay connected with us as we are coming soon with the collection of best hiking boots from where you can find your best pair. Take care. Have a happy hike.

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