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Washing Instructions for Water Proof Jackets

After several uses, grime and residue can accumulate on the surface of your waterproof jacket. These factors can affect the clothing’s waterproof properties and its overall quality. To guarantee the garment’s long life, proper maintenance should be advocated and practiced.

A waterproof jacket should be cleaned with an appropriate cleanser, one that is specifically designed for cleaning waterproof material. It should never be cleaned with common laundry detergents or fabric softeners because the chemicals it contains can harm the composition of the fibers and take away the waterproof layer. This article will give you practical instructions on how to wash it properly.

There are a few brands with water proof tech washing liquids but the most popular is Nikwax and you can go straight to their whole water proof tech wash product line here.

Water Proof Jacket Washing Guide

Certain measures must be done before washing a waterproof jacket.

  • Look for any unwanted items in the pockets and get rid of them. Close all Velcro folds and zippers to make sure that no unnecessary items goes inside the washing machine during the wash.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush or toothbrush to get rid of any signs of mud, grime or any stain that you can remove without any effort.
  • Fill up the washing machine with cold water and put a required amount of waterproofing liquid cleanser on it. The cleaner will help maintain and protect the garment. For tenacious stains, make use of non-biological laundry detergent with no softeners if your jacket’s care label permits it.

Now the jacket is prepared for the wash. Follow these steps to ensure the jacket will maintain its waterproof capabilities.

  1. Machine-wash the jacket at a temperature of 86 °F for a short while, guaranteeing that the garment does not boil up during the process.
  2. Once the cycle is through, tumble-dry at a low heat setting for 20 minutes (or as directed on the jacket’s care label) to restore its DRW coating. However, you can leave out this step if the care label does not permit the tumble-drying process.
  3. Hang the garment in a durable hanger and let it air-dry away from sunlight.

Please be careful with down clothing, since this type of garment needs to be washed with special down proof washing liquid.

Handwashing a Water Proof Jacket

This particular kind of jacket can be hand washed as well, as long as you use a liquid cleaner designed to wash waterproof garments with moderately tepid water. Steer clear of using ordinary laundry detergents of any laundry soap or fabric softeners with detergent. After washing it one time, rinse the garment under running water to remove any cleaner residue.

Keep away from wringing or scrunching the garment because this can damage its feather stalks. After the wash, shake the garment or roll it to take away excess water and hang it on a durable hanger. Air-dry the item away from direct sunlight.


Reproofing means restoring a waterproof garment’s comfort, quality and breathability. After countless washes and usage, the jacket loses its water-proofing capabilities. It is crucial to keep the garment’s shell exterior spotless and waterproof so that it can safeguard its wearer against the elements.

Once you notice signs like water seeping into the fabric or an increase in its weight, it is high time to do the whole reproofing procedure. The following are methods that you can apply in order to regain your jacket’s functions.

  • Wash the garment and remove all grime and stains.
  • Get a waterproofing agent and spray it on the garment, squirting the stuff from a distance to maximize the spread area. Some brands of sprays work well on moistened garments so use the spray on them while they’re still moist.
  • Tumble-dry the jacket on a medium heat setting, or as provided by the temperature settings stated on the spray. This will set off the waterproofing process.

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